Hey vinyl junkie!

Let's get you started. Below you will find...

  • A handy training video
  • A list of your record cleaning tools
  • And a step-by-step guide on using your kit



Here are your cleaning tools:


1 - Wooden Velvet Brush

2 - Blue Microfibre Cloth

3 - Record Cleaning Fluid

4 - Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush

5 - Velvet Brush cleaner

6 - 2 X Microfibre cloths


How to clean your records:

A) Lay your record on your blue microfibre cloth (on a clean and flat surface)

B) If required, clean your wooden velvet brush by stroking it with your velvet brush cleaner

C) Gently wipe your record with the white cloth to remove any dry dust and debris

D) Spray your wooden velvet brush with 2 - 3 pumps. Or for a deeper clean spray your record with 6 - 10 pumps (being careful to avoid the record label)

E) Applying firm pressure, rub your vinyl record (with moistened velvet surface) in a circular motion for 3 - 5 rotations

F) Allow record to dry and wipe down with your black microfibre cloth