This kit is really great! I received a record player for my birthday last year and knew I'd need something to keep my records in good shape. I had a few friends recommend this kit and decided to give it a try. It's easy to use and comes in a box for easy storage between uses.


I bought this kit for my niece , which has a record player. It comes with the cleaning spray, a sheet thing to lay your record on to clean it, A cute little stylis cleaner in a nifty little set!! She said it works great and she really likes it :)


Perfect for the price. As good as sleeves double the price. Would buy again


I hope to buy again from this seller in the future. I am pleased with the friction pad on the matchbox, as it can clean dust and debris off the bristles of my stylus brush.


Great quality. Item arrived promptly and as described. Using these to replace the inner sleeves of my vintage record collection. They are perfectly sized for this purpose.


State-of-the-art audio longevity equipment

Spin Chemistry® provides high-end vinyl record care solutions without the inflated price tag.

Revive Your Grooves With Our Signature Record Cleaning Kit

Our vinyl record cleaning kit is the ultimate tool for maintaining and preserving your record collection. The kit includes everything you need to deep clean your records, including a specially formulated cleaning solution, a velvet record brush to remove dust and dirt from the grooves, and a high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth.