50 Pack Archival Grade 12" Inner Sleeves for Vinyl Records (Audiophile Range)

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Protect your vinyl records for a lifetime and beyond with our high-quality inner sleeves!

Spin Chemistry® inner sleeves are anti-static, with a 3-ply polyethylene on one side and Archival Rice Paper on the other. The acid-free and anti-static material ensures no risk of damage to your records.

Made with thick and super soft high density translucent polypropylene, these sleeves provide durable and high-density protection for your precious records. The soft material won't rip or scratch your vinyl LP, ensuring your records stay in pristine condition.

Don't settle for basic paper sleeves, invest in the protection your records deserve at an affordable price!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Aaron J
Good value

These inner sleeves are good value and the paper lining at the back is thicker than others I have tried. Have brought 2 packs now and have changed all my inners to these.

Stephen Devery
Good quality inners

These are my go to for vinyl inners. They’re of equal quality to their competitor but a little cheaper,
Though as most vinyl record enthusiasts will testify, we’re all being gouged. I mean plastic sleeves costing 50 cents each or more is laughable.

Darryl McKay
Fantastic Product

These sleeves are great. Good price, great quality and fast delivery. Thanks Spin Chemistry :)

Excellent quality, very good price.

As good as Mofi sleeves at a much better price.
Fast delivery too.

Adrian Westwood
Archival Inner Sleeves

Preferable to the poly sleeves used previously.
One minor issue is the need to trim a millimetre from some to slide into cardboard outers.